Conditioning and Learning (PSY 6100)

Conditioning and Learning (PSY 6100)

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Here you will find the most recent and up-to-date information about PSY 6100. You can access the syllabus, course procedures, and other resources pertaining to this class.

Course Description

PSY 6100 is a rigorous graduate level course that focused on the fundamental concepts & principles of behavior analysis. Class meets twice per week during fall and spring semesters or daily during the summer (more commonly known as the Behavioral Bootcamp). Each class, students meet to discuss 1-2 chapters of Malott’s book, Principles of Behavior (7th Edition).  Each class, you will review homework, present original examples based on the materials you are learning about, talk about the assigned readings, and take a quiz. Additionally, you will learn more conceptual and theoretical analysis of behavior analysis through the lens of the skinner box, relevant research that has been conducted in the field along with everyday examples.

 Required Materials

i'll stop procrastinating when i get around to itPOBThe required texts for Psy 6100 are Principles of Behavior (7th edition) & I’ll Stop Procrastinating When I Get Around to It, as well as extensive support materials that will be available in a course pack. This is all available at the Bernhard Center bookstore. The textbooks are also available online.Buy the Procrastination ManualBuy Principles of Behavior

 Additional Materials