Grad Program

Grad Program


Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Western!

Are you interested in getting your master’s degree in applied behavior analysis? If so, then Western is the place for you. Dr. Malott is a well-known professor of psychology and is passionate about training applied professionals in the field of behavior analysis. He is the founder and creator of the Behavior Analysis Training System [BATS]. His program has trained individuals from all over the world.

Training under Dr. Malott gives students a well-rounded experience in not only behavior analysis but also in organizational behavior management [OBM]. Each master level student must complete an OBM and Autism project during the program. Although his purpose is to train behavior analysts to be practitioners, his students also get experience conducting research through their autism projects.

Routstandingequest a Letter of Recommendation

To request a letter of recommendation from Dr. Malott, download the file below and read the instructions carefully before submitting. After all your materials have been submitted, please email to notify us that your materials are complete and have been turned in.

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