PSY 1400: Introduction To Behavior Analysis

PSY 1400: Introduction To Behavior Analysis

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Welcome Undergrads!

Here you will find the most recent and up-to-date information about PSY 1400, Western Michigan University’s undergraduate introduction to behavior analysis course. You can access the syllabus, course procedures, Quizlet vocabulary reviews, and other resources pertaining to this class. The purpose of PSY 1400 is to introduce students to the core principles of behavior analysis and encourage them to use those principles to analyze the world around them. The text for this course is Principles of Behavior (Seventh Edition), which can be purchased at the Bernhard Center bookstore, or online.

Course Description

PSY 1400 is a very unique course. Twice weekly you will meet to discuss a chapter of Dr. Malott’s book, Principles of Behavior (7th Edition).  Each class, you will review homework, present original examples based on the materials you are learning about, talk about the assigned readings, and take a quiz. . The textbook and required coursepack can be purchased at the Bernhard Center bookstore, or online. This course provides the foundation for many of the other courses in the Psychology major, by introducing students to the principles of conditioning and learning, and behavior analysis concepts that can be applied to clinical, counseling, school, experimental, child, sports, community, and industrial psychology, as well as autism, psychoses, anorexia, phobia, ethics, religion, gender, procrastination, sexual behavior, drug use, speech pathology, developmental disabilities, social work, special education, behavioral medicine, animal training, juvenile corrections, and everyday life.

Required Materials

There are 2 required materials for this class. The required textbook is Principles of Behavior (7th Edition), written by Dr. Richard W. Malott and Joseph T. Shane. (ISBN: 9780205959495, Publisher: Routledge.) There is a required course pack, your instructor will email you purchasing information prior to the start of the semester.

You can also view the first 5 chapters online!

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