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Principles of Behavior

This book offers a solid introduction to the principles of behavior using a clear, interesting, entertaining style with many case studies, and everyday examples. It maintains a high level of intellectual rigor, addressing fundamental concepts at the beginning of each chapter with more advanced topics left for one of the two enrichment sections within each chapter.Buy Principles of BehaviorPrinciples of Behavior Resources




i'll stop procrastinating when i get around to it

I’ll Stop Procrastinating When I Get Around to It

I think that if you can get your act together to the point where you can floss every day, then you can achieve almost any goal you set your sights on. And what we’ll deal with in this book is how to get your act together, in many problem areas of your life, both personal, and professional. I and my students have gotten much satisfaction from this approach; I hope you will too.Buy the Procrastination Manual




contingency management

Contingency Management

I was never even a psychology student, but I’ve remembered all the concepts in this book quite clearly due to your (Dr. Malott’s) unorthodox presentation. And as a semi-professional procrastinator most of my life, I’ve been chicken to even use some of those techniques because I was sure they would work. Or something. Best regards, David FiedlerBuy Contingency Management




humanistic behaviorism

Humanistic Behaviorism and Social Psychology

What is humanistic behaviorism? Is humanistic behaviorism a cynical behavioristic slogan designed the co-opt “humanistic” movement? Is humanistic behavior a slick Madison Avenue public–relations gimmick designed to confuse and trap the unwary? Is humanistic behaviorism a viable blend of the two most important movements in contemporary psychology? Is it a contradiction of terms? Humanistic behaviorism is an attempt to communicate some of the concepts of behavior analysis, to turn people on before they get turned off.Buy Humanistic Behaviorism and Social Psychology