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Principles of Behavior

This book offers a solid introduction to the principles of behavior using a clear, interesting, entertaining style with many case studies, and everyday examples. It maintains a high level of intellectual rigor, addressing fundamental concepts at the beginning of each chapter with more advanced topics left for one of the two enrichment sections within each chapter.

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i'll stop procrastinating when i get around to it

I’ll Stop Procrastinating When I Get Around to It

I think that if you can get your act together to the point where you can floss every day, then you can achieve almost any goal you set your sights on. And what we’ll deal with in this book is how to get your act together, in many problem areas of your life, both personal, and professional. I and my students have gotten much satisfaction from this approach; I hope you will too.

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contingency management

Contingency Management

I was never even a psychology student, but I’ve remembered all the concepts in this book quite clearly due to your (Dr. Malott’s) unorthodox presentation. And as a semi-professional procrastinator most of my life, I’ve been chicken to even use some of those techniques because I was sure they would work. Or something. Best regards, David Fiedler.

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humanistic behaviorism

Humanistic Behaviorism and Social Psychology

What is humanistic behaviorism? Is humanistic behaviorism a cynical behavioristic slogan designed the co-opt “humanistic” movement? Is humanistic behavior a slick Madison Avenue public–relations gimmick designed to confuse and trap the unwary? Is humanistic behaviorism a viable blend of the two most important movements in contemporary psychology? Is it a contradiction of terms? Humanistic behaviorism is an attempt to communicate some of the concepts of behavior analysis, to turn people on before they get turned off.

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How I Learned to Relate to My Laboratory Rat Though Humanistic Behaviorism

We have had an operant-conditioning rat lab associated with either our Experimental or Introductory Psychology course at Western Michigan University since 1964. Many students report that the rat lab is very exciting and that they find it the best feature of our course. It has been our impression however that this lab has an even more important effect. The experience of directly modifying the behavior of another organism is a primary factor in demonstrating to students the power and validity of the basic principles of behavior.

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Malott and Whaley’s Psychology may be the only general psych book that covers the full range of intro psych topics but all from a rigorous, behavior-analytic view, without compromise. And though it’s intellectually rigorous, Malott and Whaley wrote this book so introductory psych students can understand it, learn from it, and appreciate both general psych and behavior analysis. The authors created an illustrative story line with fictional characters who later play a major role in Malott’s Principles of Behavior. Furthermore, Edward Badajos’ art work may be the most thoughtful, creative work in any intro text; and though at first glance, it’s simply 1970’s, underground-hip, cool, and creative, in reading the book it will became clear that the art is amazingly illustrative of the behavior-analytic/psychology concepts and story line (yes, you have to read it to appreciate it).

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Issues in the Analysis of Behavior

This book is designed to be an intermediate–level text in the analysis of behavior that should all, in concept, somewhere between introductory texts, such as Keller and Schoenfeld’s Principles of Psychology, Ferster & Perrott’s Behavior Principles, or Whaley and Malott’s Elementary Principles of Behavior; and more advanced works, such as Honig’s Operant Behavior: Areas of Research and Application. However this textbook is self-contained and could, therefore, be read by the more diligent student without a background in behavioral analysis. Most of the issues discussed in this text are somewhat controversial, even among professional behavior analysts. So while we might hope to win a few minor controversies along the way, the primary purpose of this text is to increase the skill of the reader in using behavioral concepts in the analysis of complex behavioral phenomena. In addition, we do with selected topics in the philosophy of science in which the behavioral analysts will most likely be interested.

A Total Performance System By Dale Brethower

It has been obvious to those of us in behavioral analysis that many of the problems of business and industry could be analyzed in terms of the management of behavior. What was needed was the use of a knowledge of behavior analysis to develop effective personnel incentive systems. Not only was is obvious to Dale and Karen Brethower, but they and some of their colleagues have actually been doing it for the last few years. The results of their work are presented in this text. It should be emphasized that the approach presented in this book is a general one; it is just as applicable to the management of behavior in education, health, and government institutions, etc., as in business and industry. A total performance system is a functional combination of systems analysis and feedback systems. Like behavioral analysis, the total performance system approach has an extremely wide range of applications both within and outside the areas of business and industry.

Introduction to the Principles of Psychology Workbook By Dale General et al.

Companion Book for Psychology by Richard W. Malott.