Psy. 1400 Support System

Psy. 1400 Support System

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What is the Psychology 1400 Support System?

The PSY 1400 Support System  ensures the undergraduate course, PSY 1400 runs smoothly from year to year. As obsolete components of the course are identified, tor are in need of revision, the PSY 1400 Support System utilizes collected data and error analysis to improve the course materials and learning opportunities of the PSY 1400 undergraduate students. Our goal is to maintain a class that provides an optimal learning experience for all students. The PSY 1400 Support System ensures this by evaluating the course, student performance, and improving areas that have been identified for improvement. This includes correcting homework and creating materials that clarify difficult class content for students. Another offered support for  students includes Behavioral Academic and Career Counseling (BACC) meetings with each student. The PSY 1400 Support System trains our graduate discussion leaders to conduct these meetings, and improves these resources  to ensure  they are of optimal use to students in making the next step in their academic and professional careers.

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