Psy. 1400 Support System

Psy. 1400 Support System

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What is the Psychology 1400 Support System?

The PSY 1400 Support system is in place to help the PSY 1400 class run smoothly from year to year. As we find areas of the class that are out of date or need revisions, the PSY 1400 Support System is there to improve these areas. Our goal is to maintain a class that creates the optimal learning experience for students. The PSY 1400 Support System allows this to happen by evaluating the course along with student performance and improving any areas that are lacking by correcting homework and creating supporting materials that make the class content clear and understandable for students. Another area of support that we offer to students includes Behavior, Academic and Career Counseling (BACC) meetings with each student. The PSY 1400 Support System trains our graduate student instructors in conducting these meetings, and improves the meeting materials to make sure they are of optimal use to students.

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