Principles of Behavior Resources

Resources to Help You Study! Since the first edition of Principles of Behavior, the authors have sought to address the unique needs of students. The 7th edition has been written so that students of all levels will benefit from a solid introduction to the principles of behavior. The authors have added supplemental material for each chapter of the book. You can download the materials below!  


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Who Is Dick Malott?

Who is Dick Malott? Dick Malott is a professor in psychology at Western Michigan University. He is best known for his Behavior Analysis Training System where he trains master students to be practitioners using behavior analysis to improve the lives of children with autism. The two year program also allows students to meet the requirements to sit for the exam to become a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Why Is Dick So Weird? Check out Malott’s autobiography. You are sure to be entertained.   Notes From a Radical Behaviorist Teaching Receptive Language (2017) Teaching Pseudo Functional Skills (2017) Why I Hate HIPAA Privacy Regulations (2017)

Practicum: PSY 1403

What’s the PSY 1403 Practicum? We help college students get experience using behavior analysis to teach children diagnosed with autism.  We utilize discrete-trial training and incidental teaching methods on-site at the KRESA’s West Campus. This practicum also fulfills the requirements for practicum experience for the Psychology Department undergraduate curriculum. (Practicum with Special Populations). Please note that the Pre-Practicum is a prerequisite for the Practicum. Practicum has three levels of experience, with a wider variety of experience with each semester. In the second semester, students will refine their Discrete Trial Training skills along with gaining other skills. Additional skills include conducting preference assessments, running portions of the VB-MAPP,