Kalamazoo Autism Center

Kalamazoo Autism Center


What is the Kalamazoo Autism Center?

At the Kalamazoo Autism Center (KAC) we provide one-on-one intensive behavioral interventions.  Graduate and undergraduate behavior analysis students have the opportunity to work directly with the children we provide care to.  We focus on target skills such as communication, activities of daily living (e.g., toileting, tooth brushing, hand washing), play, and social skills.  We also work to decrease inappropriate behaviors (e.g., tantrums and self-stimulatory behaviors).  Each child we treat is assessed using the VB-MAPP which allows us to create an individualized program for each child.  Every semester, Dr. Malott and the graduate students overseeing the child’s program meet with the parents to discuss the child’s progress and future goals. 

kelly-kDr. Kelly Kohler’s Interview on WMUK!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Kalamazoo Autism Center and treatments for children with autism, listen to Dr. Kohler’s radio interview below.

Dr. Kohler’s Interview