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Our Family and Our Journey

We are young family with two children living in Bahrain. Our beautiful son who is now 5 was diagnosed with ASD at 2 years of age. Since then as his mother, I have personally immersed myself to learn as much as I can from the benefit of my son. I love working with his team and getting involved in his therapy. Now that my son has been doing one to one therapy for 2 years he has gained so many skills and BCBA/BCaBA who can program and work directly with my child as well as train family members and caregivers. We also have a lovely 2 year-old daughter and it is always a challenge to balance the attention. We feel a full time BCBA/BCaBA would help our family support our son in developing to his full time potential.

Candidate we are looking for:

  • BCBA/BCaBA preferred but someone with a lot of experience can be considered.
  • Energetic, playful, easy going but structured who loves kids.
  • Education Preferred: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Psychology, Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech and Hearing Services, or related field.


You will need:

  • Preferred: a BCaBA/BCBA and a minimum of 5 years experience in the field.
  • Candidates applying with neither BCaBA/BCBA need at least 5-8 years experience in the field.
  • Required: Provide video footage of you working with at least child with proper parental consent.
  • Required: Provide 3 letters of reference.


Responsibilities ABA therapy and oversight of my child’s program:

  • Use or be familiar with relevant assessment tools to measure my child’s skill set.
  • Assist in creation of programs/create program targets (depending on experience and qualification of the applicants you are targeting) based on relevant assessment tools.
  • Utilize a combination of intensive teaching and natural environment training arrangements
  • Implement and train others (caregivers/parent) to implement relevant parts of the program.
  • Collaborate with child’s team (if you intend to have other service providers) to meet the practical and emotional needs and expectations of my child and my family.
  • Implement appropriate teaching and behavioral strategies. Conduct individual teaching sessions for my child.
  • Ensure accurate data collection, update programs, and make sure progress can be demonstrated in your documentation to us.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of my child. Be able to effectively communicate a clear and realistic picture of the recommended therapy program and the milestones to be targeted to me as the parent.


Package (negotiable)

  • Salary: $50,000- $80,000 annually depending on qualifications and experience
  • Holidays: 1 paid ticket annually, 30 days paid leave.
  • Benefits: Private Medical Insurance
  • Living Arrangements: Fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment with 24-hour security and porter with excellent facilities (gym, pool, sauna, steam, squash courts). House keeping and laundry provided twice a week.


Living in Bahrain

It is a nice and welcoming place to live that attracts diverse and interesting people, which contributes to a cosmopolitan environment. Bloomberg recently ranked Bahrain in the top 10 places to live and work https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-06/the-u-s-and-u-k-are-getting-worse-and-worse-expats-say Having said that, it is essential to be able to learn and respect local culture and customs in order to fully appreciate and enjoy it. If you like to travel, one of the highlights of living here is the ability to easily travel to so many wonderful places.

There are no income taxes in Bahrain, so – with the exception of a 1% employment tax – your salary is your take-home pay. As US citizens subject to worldwide taxation, if you’re earning under approximately $100,000 per year, there is a foreign earned income tax exemption, for which you should be eligible, although you will need to confirm this by doing a little research.


If you would like to learn more about this job opportunity please email: Khadijakhalaf87@gmail.com or Padmakumarmenon1@gmail.com

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