Lead Researcher

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Largest autism service providers with a research division

1. Develops and oversees 10-15 ongoing relevant research projects. Write grants in collaboration with grant team to obtain funding for projects
2. Manages team of Associate Researchers and Research Assistants. May also manage one Program Manager (based on location and clinical needs in that area)
3. Conducts up to 4 behavioral assessments each month as required, based upon program needs
4. Submits study proposals to ESSC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and provides mentorship to clinical and/or research team associates.
5. Disseminates findings and presents results at a minimum of two professional conferences per year (as speaker in at least one). Submits at least one protocol for publication in a peer-reviewed journal per year.
6. Serves as statistics consultant for the organization and remains current with various inferential statistics methods and software tools (e.g. SPSS)
7. Establishes collaborative research relationships with various universities and research institutions
8. Serves as an IRB committee member and manages at least one research division sub-system
9. Performs other duties as assigned
Contact: amin.lotfizadeh@essc.org if interested