Systems Analysis Supervisory System

Systems Analysis Supervisory System

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What is the Systems Analysis Supervisory System?

The Systems Analysis Supervisory System (SASS) is a subsystem within the Behavior Analysis Training System. SASS focuses on promoting productive work habits and reducing procrastination of graduate and undergraduate students working on system maintenance requirements and Organization Behavior Management Projects. This is done through grade contingencies placed on task completion.

SASS consists of several other subsystems, each focusing on a different program that is run by BATS. These other systems are; Maintenance Supervisory System (MSS), Support Coordinator System (SCSS), Behavior Analysis Training System (BATS), Behavioral Research Supervisory System (BRSS), KRESA West Campus Pre-Practicum, Basic Practicum, and Intermediate/Advanced Practicum (IP/AP), Self Management (SM), Icon Exchange (IES), 1400 Support System, and the Media & System, Behavior Analyst Certification Board System (BACB). Undergraduate students involved with these systems help with classes, update course materials and improve the system through continuous quality improvement.

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